Generation Kill: We're All Gonna Die

We're All Gonna Die

Generation Kill

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  • Release Date 18 November 2013
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Vinyl LP
Nuclear Blast

Generation Kill gathers vocalist Rob Dukes of Exodus and former Pro- Pain / M.O.D. member Rob Moschetti on bass guitar and backing vocals alongside Jason Trenzcer of Mutilation and Jason Velez on lead guitars, plus James DeMaria of Merauder on drums.

Generation Kill are not just another genre band, they are the final answer to all that tedious talk about a comeback of thrash metal.

Generation Kill incorporate many different styles of music, which sets this band apart from the rest. All five members have diverse musical backgrounds which define and allow Generation Kill to be a band with no limitations.

The right dose of aggression that propelled bands like Metallica and Testament to the forefront of extreme metal music in the 80s is clearly present.

This various members draw deeply from their musical roots. Lead guitarist Jason Trenczer is a master of technical guitar work, adding catchy riffs and solos. Second guitarist and new member Jason Velez contributes an eerie metal style with groove and melody. Newest edition to the band is powerhouse drummer Jim DeMaria, who adds an extra dose of speed and power with his hardcore / thrash background.

Produced by Zeuss (Chimaira, Hatebreed) , second album ‘We’re All Gonna Die’ is a big jump forward musically for the band who show they can stay true to themselves while taking risks.

1. Born To Serve
2. Prophets Of War
3. Self Destruction
4. Friendly Fire
5. Carny Love
6. Vegas
7. There Is No Hope
8. We’re All Gonna Die