Grandaddy: Under The Western Freeway: Yellow / Blue Vinyl

Under The Western Freeway: Yellow / Blue Vinyl


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  • Release Date 20 October 2017
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Double Vinyl LP
Friendship Fever

Friendship Fever is working closely with Jason Lytle of Grandaddy to give this seminal album the deluxe treatment it deserves. It will include the beautifully re-mastered original album intact, as well as an extra LP featuring unreleased demos from 1997 that include sketches of songs that became legendary Grandaddy tracks, like “Bjork ELO Xanadu and the Birth of Chartsengrafs” and the fan-favorite “For The Dishwasher.” We also have access to a multi-tracked, live, 1997 rehearsal recorded before the band’s first trip to SXSW. Grandaddy was meticulous about documenting their early years and has also provided folders of raw original artwork elements for Under the Western Freeway, candid photographs, original flyer artwork, tour logs, doodles, and much more. The hope is that, this release serves as an unparalleled time-capsule of this seminal Central-Valley California masterpiece. Ahead of its time, sitting peacefully alone in the universe.

LP 1: Under the Western Freeway
1 Nonphenomenal Lineage  
2 A.M. 180  
3 Collective Dreamwish of Upperclass Elegance  
4 Summer Here Kids  
5 Laughing Stock  
6 Under the Western Freeway  
7 Everything Beautiful Is Far Away  
8 Poisoned at Hartsy Thai Food  
9 Go Progress Chrome  
10 Why Took Your Advice  
11 Lawn & So On  
LP 2: Unreleased 1997 demos
1 Hawaiian Island Wranglers  
2 For the Dishwasher (Slow Demo)  
3 Dying Brains (Early Demo)  
4 Summer Here Kids (Early Demo)  
5 Le symphonique d’HeeHaw  
6 Street Bunny (Fluffy Distortion Demo)  
7 Bjork ELO Xanadu and The Birth of Chartsengrafs  
8 Laughing Stock (Revelation Demo)  

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