WEED: Thousand Pounds / Turret

Thousand Pounds / Turret


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  • Release Date 23 February 2015
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7" Single
Fat Possum

Weed formed in 2010 when Will Anderson and Kevin Doherty reconvened on a clothing-optional beach in Vancouver. A couple of weekend trips to Washington were made, a 7” single was cut, a couple of screwballs tightened up. In 2011 they played a benefit for the UBC campus radio station, where Hugo Noriega provided the band with doughnuts. He was quickly recruited and the three have been together ever since. They have aggravated one million drummers in the meantime.

In September 2013 the band released an album of sentimental dream-grunge called ‘Deserve’ on Seattle’s Couple Skate Records and started doing laps around the continent, silencing the critics (literally, in some cases) and stirring up a loyal fanbase lovingly referred to as the Field Trippers.

Weed’s latest 7”, via Lefse Records, is a continuation of the blown out pop-slop seen on ‘Deserve’, containing two songs: ‘Thousand Pounds’, the first single from their upcoming sophomore effort ‘Running Back’; plus a gloomy, droney, previously unheard cut from their first ever recording sessions called ‘Turret’.

A. Thousand Pounds
B. Turret