The Acid: The Bomb

The Bomb

The Acid

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“The one piece of connective tissue throughout the film, besides the subject itself, is the film’s score, from Los Angeles electronic minimalist outfit The Acid. Throughout a harrowing parade of images and fleeting moments of whimsy, the droning, pulsating music underneath brings an alternating sense of dread and power.” - Indie Wire

This is an ambient electronic soundtrack to the award-winning film ‘The Bomb’.

Recently The Acid performed live at the Nobel Peace Prize ceremonies in celebration of ICAN (International Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament) winning the prestigious award this year.

Confirmed appearance at Sydney Festival in January 2018 with further dates to be announced and further screenings at film festivals across the world.

1 Earth  
2 Marching  
3 The Bomb - Theme I  
4 Accidents  
5 Testing  
6 Feed  
7 Propaganda  
8 Duck And Cover 2  
9 Onyx  
10 Clean  
11 Modern Propaganda  
12 Veda  

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