Various Artists: The Alberto Tarantini Release

The Alberto Tarantini Release

Various Artists

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  • Release Date 26 May 2014
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12" Single

The 5th release from Rothmans plays homage to legendry Argentinean defender Alberto Tarrantini and to mark this 5th release Rothmans have provided a team sheet to rival even that infamous 1982 World Cup squad. First up we hear a welcome return to the label from Timothy J Fairplay who featured back aongside Toni Schumacher at the start of the year. This time around he brings us some spaced out Chicago flavour in the guise of 'The Third Season'. On the Flip side we have a welcome addition to the Rothmans squad in Max Essa, and the Tokyo resident brings us nothing short of silky moves with a dark taste of the Orient with his aptly named "Stereoscapledmysexpool". Coming up the flanks we have tracks from Al Gobi and Tommy Walker 3 who bring some dark deep donk spacey vibes with wacked out basslines that really bring this 5th release to the boil!


Side A
1. Timothy J Fairplay - The Third Season
2. Tommy Walker 3 - Horse

Side B
1. Max Essa - Stereoscalpedmysexpool
2. Al Gobi - Quibble