Dodgy: The A&M Years: 8CD

The A&M Years: 8CD


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  • Release Date 11 March 2022
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CD Box Set
Demon are proud to present first ever Dodgy box set ‘the A&M Years’, covering the bands classic period in the 90 s Including 8 CDs and 128 tracks, the box set features the three classic studio albums ‘The Dodgy Album’,Homegrown’,‘ and Free Peace Sweet’

Also included within the box set are B sides, hard to find bonus tracks, live tracks and remixes taken from the bands prolific singles run through the 90 s In addition to the 8 CDs, the box includes a booklet including rare photographs and memorabilia, an introduction from 6 Music DJ Matt Everitt, plus track by track notes from Math, Nigel and Andy And if that wasn’t enough, also includes 5 Dodgy badges

Starting originally from the Dodgy Club nights in 1990 the band’s popularity grew with the release of a string of classic singles including ‘Water Under The Bridge’,Bridge’,‘ and ‘I Need Another’ taken from ’The Dodgy Album’Album’(produced by Ian Broudie)

Homegrown was then released in 1994 cementing the bands popularity as a live act featuring the classic singles ‘Staying Out For The Summer’,Summer’,‘Melodies Haunt You’, Making The Most Of’,Of’,‘So Let Me Go Far’ and the iconic album track grassman

In 1996 the band released their third studio album ‘Free Peace Sweet’Sweet’(certified Platinum in the UK selling over 400 000 copies) lifting the band to new heights with the singles ‘In A Room’,Room’,‘Found You’,You’,‘If You’re thinking Of me’ and the infectious radio smash hit ‘Good Enough’

Dodgy continue to tour today and produce new music, but have an undeniably strong fan following and a catalogue of classic tracks and 9 UK top 40 singles

Disc Eight
1 Live Break (Extended)  
2 Self Doubt (Easy Mix)  
3 One Of Those Dubs  
4 If You’re Thinking Of Me (Lovesick Mix)  
5 Grateful Cut (Lo  
6 Fi Mix)  
7 Lovebirds On Katovit (Big Blue Mix)  
8 Ain’t No Longer (The Lost Riff)  
9 Good Enough Breaks  
10 Trust In Time V The Anti  
11 Dodgy  
12 Found You (Underground Excursion Version)  
13 In Room 2  
14 Look Up (Hip Mix)  
15 See The Way (The D Club)  
Disc Five
1 Intro  
2 In A Room  
3 Trust In Time  
4 You’ve Gotta Look Up  
5 If You’re Thinking Of Me  
6 Good Enough  
7 Ain’t No Longer Asking  
8 Found You  
9 One Of Those Rivers  
10 Prey For Drinking  
11 Jack The Lad  
12 Long Life  
13 U.K. R.I.P.  
14 Homegrown  
15 Bonus Tracks  
16 Grateful Moon  
17 Is It Me?  
Disc Four
1 (Get Off Your) High Horse The Ludlow Sessions  
2 Watch Out Watcha Doin’ The Ludlow Sessions  
3 The Snake  
4 Staying Out For The Summer ’95  
5 Faisons Au Mieux (Making The Most Of..) Featuring The Kick Horns  
6 So Let Me Go Far Remix  
7 Making The Most Of.. Edit  
8 Featuring The Kick Horns  
9 Don’t Get Low, Don’t Let Go (U.K. R.I.P.)  
10 So Let Me Wobble Jah  
11 The Elephant The Balaphon  
12 A Bing Bong Immigrant Mix  
13 Spent All My Time Running  
14 All The Time In The World  
15 This Is Ours  
Disc One
1 Water Under The Bridge  
2 I Need Another  
3 Lovebirds  
4 Satisfied  
5 Grand Old English Oak Tree  
6 Stand By Yourself  
7 As My Time Goes By  
8 Never Again  
9 Cold Tea  
10 We’re Not Going To Take This Anymore  
11 Bonus Tracks  
12 Summer Fayre  
13 St. Lucia  
14 Easy Way  
15 Seems Like A Bad Day  
16 Smeasy Way  
17 Worth The Blood  
18 The Elephant  
Disc Seven
1 Satisfied (Live At The Astoria)  
2 Staying Out For The Summer (Live At The Astoria)  
3 Waiting For The Day (Live At The Astoria)  
4 One Day (Live At The Astoria)  
5 (Get Off Your) High Horse (Live At The Astoria)  
6 Crossroads (Live At The Astoria)  
7 Melodies Haunt You (Live At The Astoria)  
8 So Let Me Go Far (Live At Ilford Island)  
9 Satisfied (Live At Ilford Island)  
10 I Need Another (Live At Ilford Island)  
11 Stand By Yourself (Live At The UEA, Norwich)  
12 Melodies Haunt You (Live At The UEA, Norwich)  
13 Staying Out For The Summer (Live At The UEA, Norwich)  
14 Trust In Time (Live At The UEA, Norwich)  
15 Big Brown Moon (Live At The UEA, Norwich)  
16 Homegrown (Live At The UEA, Norwich)  
17 Found You (Live At The UEA, Norwich)  
18 Long Life (Live At The UEA, Norwich)  
Disc Six
1 Pebblemilljam  
2 Forever Remain  
3 Self Doubt  
4 Jungle UK (No Rest In Peace)  
5 Out Clubbing  
6 Speaking In Tongues (Featuring Sam Brown)  
7 Lovebirds On Katovit  
8 Nutters  
9 I Can’t Make It  
10 Revolution  
11 Every Single Day  
12 The Bridge  
13 Mostar Keep Shining  
14 Good Enough (Alternate Version)  
15 In A Room (Live Acoustic Version)  
16 Long Life (Acoustic Version)  
Disc Three
1 Staying Out For The Summer  
2 Melodies Haunt You  
3 So Let Me Go Far  
4 Crossroads  
5 One Day  
6 We Are Together  
7 Whole Lot Easier  
8 Making The Most Of..  
9 Waiting For The Day  
10 What Have I Done Wrong?  
11 Grassman  
12 Bonus Tracks  
13 Don’t Go Back (To The Beaten Track)  
14 Let’s Wait Till We Get There  
15 Homegrown Ep Version  
16 A Summer’s Day In Mid January  
17 Don’t You Think  
18 Colour Me With Paints  
19 Back To Life  
20 Your Love Keeps Lifting Me (Higher And Higher)  
Disc Two
1 Worth The Blood Extended Version  
2 It’s Been So Long  
3 She Wants My Loving  
4 Valuable Fool  
5 Big Brown Moon  
6 Silvia’s Bedroom  
7 Smashed Up In A Flat  
8 If I Fall  
9 Hendre  
10 Ddu  
11 Never Again Campfire Version  
12 Groove Song St. Lucia Demo  
13 Lovebirds Original Demo Version  
14 As My Time Goes By Demo Version  
15 Water Under The Bridge Alternate Version  
16 Stand By Yourself Alternate Version  
17 Rainy Day Women No. 12 And 35  

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