Black Sabbath: Technical Ecstasy

Technical Ecstasy

Black Sabbath

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  • Release Date 10 July 2015
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Vinyl LP + CD

‘Technical Ecstasy’ is the seventh studio album by Black Sabbath, produced by guitarist Tony Iommi.

The album received mixed reviews upon its release, with Phil Alexander writing in 1998, “While today hardcore Sabs fans defend some of the bold steps taken on ‘Technical Ecstasy’, it was a confused offering which still hit Number 13 in the UK but limped into the US charts at 52.”

180gm vinyl includes a copy of the album on CD.

1. Back Street Kids
2. You Won't Change Me
3. It’s Alright
4. Gypsy
5. All Moving Parts (Stand Still)
6. Rock ‘N’ Roll Doctor
7. She’s Gone
8. Dirty Women

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