Ahnnu: Special Forces

Special Forces


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  • Release Date 02 February 2018
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Vinyl LP
NNA Tapes

We're delighted to welcome Los Angeles-based producer Ahnnu, aka Leland Jackson, back to NNA Tapes to share his brilliant new full-length album 'Special Forces.' Over the years, Jackson has made his mark on the world of electronic music production not only with his innovative works as Ahnnu, but with his footwork/dance alias Cakedog as well. Following up the 2013 NNA release 'Battered Sphinx,' and more recently 2015's 'Perception' on Leaving Records, Ahnnu returns to push his sound collage expeditions further into the deep beyond by excavating fragments and ethos from music history's past and infusing them with the electronic frequencies of a future landscape.

1 Passing through a horizontal slit  
2 The terrible one  
3 Senseless  
4 Two squares  
5 Cat shoe  
6 Laughing  
7 Pluck-jump-freeze  
8 Striker sound  
9 Latro  
10 Return of junkman  
11 War stage  
12 Bubble horn  
13 Daydream/Blink edit