Muse : Simulation Theory: Deluxe

Simulation Theory: Deluxe


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Muse have announced that their eighth studio album, ‘Simulation Theory’. The eleven-track record was produced by the band, along with several award-winning producers, including Rich Costey, Mike Elizondo, Shellback and Timbaland. Each of the album’s songs will be accompanied by a video.

Recent singles, ‘Something Human’, ‘Thought Contagion’ and ‘Dig Down’, as well as brand new track ‘The Dark Side’, are all available immediately as a download when you pre-order the album. ‘The Dark Side’ is instantly recognisable as a classic Muse track, featuring Matt Bellamy’s unmistakable soaring vocals and blistering guitars and the driving rhythm section of Chris Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard that have become a hallmark of Muse’s stadium-filling sound.

‘Simulation Theory’ follows ‘Drones’, released in 2015. Since then the internationally acclaimed three piece have toured extensively, taking the ground breaking ‘Drones World Tour’ to fans across the globe. This concert was filmed and released in cinemas worldwide for ‘One Night Only’ in July 2018.

1 Algorithm  
2 The Dark Side  
3 Pressure  
4 Propaganda  
5 Break It To Me  
6 Something Human  
7 Thought Contagion  
8 Get Up and Fight  
9 Blockades  
10 Dig Down  
11 The Void  
12 Algorithm (Alternate Reality Version)  
13 The Dark Side (Alternate Reality Version)  
14 Propaganda (Acoustic)  
15 Something Human (Acoustic)  
16 Dig Down (Acoustic Gospel Version)  

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