Suede: Sci-Fi Lullabies

Sci-Fi Lullabies


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  • Release Date 17 February 2014
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Triple Vinyl LP

This is Brett Anderson’s favourite Suede album and is available on vinyl for the first time. The package includes a free download card.

LP 1
1. My Insatiable One
2. To the Birds
3. Where the Pigs Don't Fly
4. He's Dead
5. The Big Time
6. High Rising
7. The Living Dead
8. My Dark Star
9. Killing of a Flash Boy

LP 2
1. Whipsnade
2. Modern Boys
3. Together
4. Bentswood Boys
5. Europe Is Our Playground
6. Ever Monday Morning Comes
7. Have You Ever Been This Low?
8. Another No One
9. Young Men
10. The Sound Of The Streets

LP 3
1. Money
2. W.S.D
3. This Time
4. Jumble Sale Mums
5. These Are the Sad Songs
6. Sadie
7. Graffiti Women
8. Duchess

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