Dub Pistols: Return Of The Pistoleros

Return Of The Pistoleros

Dub Pistols

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  • Release Date 01 June 2015
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Sunday Best

The mighty Dub Pistols are back with new album Return Of The Pistoleros, released June 1st on Rob Da Bank’s much-loved label Sunday Best Recordings.

From the armageddon horns and implacable bass march on opener Real Gangsters to the pure skank of Sticky Situation via collaborations including MC Earl 16, Lindy Layton, Jamaican stars Chezidek and main vocalist Seanie Tee AKA Dark Horizon, Return Of The Pistoleros is a full-on dub-quaking anthemic extravaganza built for big fields and summer sound systems. Led by internationally renowned DJ and legendary party-starter Barry Ashworth, the band currently comprises old and new Dub Pistols, including Tim Hutton who has co-written for Groove Armada, Ian Brown and the new Prodigy album. The album’s title carries its own message:

“There’s always been a bit of the outlaw in classic reggae,” explains Barry, “a bit of spaghetti western, Mexican feel. That's how we feel. We don’t have to try to fit in any more. We’re not going to be anyone’s flavour of the month. We’ve got our crowd and we’re getting new people all the time, from the ska dads to the festival kids, and it’s all word of mouth, no marketing, just from our live show. So I thought yeah, Pistoleros. Outlaws.”

Over an 18-year career the Dub Pistols have worked with heroes like The Specials, Horace Andy, Madness and Gregory Isaacs. They’ve burned through different members and hundreds of thousands of pounds on assorted capers and hedonism. It should have been a recipe for oblivion, but the band that started out in the mid-90s with Barry DJ’ing while musicians jammed over the top has metamorphosed into a mighty reggaematic bass-driven live machine, a super-tight festival regular that keeps winning over new fans at Glastonbury, Bestival, Beat-Herder and across Europe. Catch them live this Spring.


1. Pistoleros
2. Real Gangster
3. Roll & Come In
4. Sticky Situation
5. Ride Wid It
6. Fit Girl
7. Killer Sound
8. This Anthem
9. Turn Up
10. Our Life