Yumi Zouma: Present Tense: Limited Edition Transparent Vinyl + Recordstore Exclusive 12x12 Signed Print

Present Tense: Limited Edition Transparent Vinyl + Recordstore Exclusive 12x12 Signed Print

Yumi Zouma

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Yumi Zouma’s Josh Burgess likens the band’s songwriting process to gardening, “Someone brings in a seed and through collaboration, it grows into a song that is vastly different from its original form.” Like any garden, this one requires dedicated tending, a practice that seems rather inconvenient if not straight-up difficult, considering the fact that the four members live in disparate parts of the world – calling New York, London, and New Zealand home – but long-distance has always been a feature of their songwriting process, not a bug. Their new album, Present Tense, is the product of those efforts, a work Christie Simpson describes as “a gallery wall displaying these different moments in each of our lives. A process of curation, revisiting the past and making it relevant to the present.”

You might assume that while some artists have struggled to rethink their processes during a pandemic, Yumi Zouma would be perfectly suited to the COVID-19 lockdown, but the opposite proved to be true. Without looming tour dates driving them to release new music, the prolific band found themselves at a standstill. So they set a date. By September 1st, 2021, the album needed to be finished, regardless of whether they’d be able to tour it or even meet to record together. What began in fits and starts became a committed practice again as Yumi Zouma dug through demos from as early as 2018 to collaborate on and make relevant to the peculiar moment in time the band, and world, was experiencing, memorialized on album opener “Give It Hell.”

TRACKLISTING: 1. Give It Hell 2. Mona Lisa 3. If I Had The Heart For Chasing 4. Where The Light Used To Lay 5. Razorblade 6. In The Eyes Of Our Love 7. Of Me and You 8. Honestly, It’s Fine 9. Haunt 10. Astral Projection

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Yumi Zouma: Present Tense: CD
Yumi Zouma
Present Tense: CD
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