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  • Release Date 30 June 2014
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12" Single
Brown Rice

PANES are Tyson McVey, a singer and student at UCL and Shaun Savage, a recording engineer whose credits include artists like Petitie Noir, Fryars and 2.54.

At the end of 2013, they set live their first ever track, ‘Choice Errors’ and now announce a 4 track EP on Norwegian Smalltown Supersound’s newly minted subsid label Brown Rice.

The four tracks are a mission statement for the PANES sound. Painstakingly detailed production that nods to experimental rap from Atlanta, the rain-swept Bristolian sound, the sensuality of R&B vocals and the picturesque sampling of a myriad of twinkling organic instruments. “Bones Without You”

1. Bones Without You
2. Dust Becomes
3. Choice Errors
4. Stills