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Alexander Spence

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The Canadian-born Alexander 'Skip' Spence was the co-founder of Moby Grape, and played guitar with them until 1969. In the same year he released his only solo album: 'Oar'.

The album was recorded after Spence had spent six months in a mental institution following a delusion-driven attempt to attack his Moby Grape band mates with a fire axe, after having ingested LSD.

As the urban myth goes, on the day of his release he drove a motorcycle, dressed in only his pajamas, directly to Nashville to record his only solo album. Fact is that he recorded this album in seven days, playing all the instruments himself and that the end result is now considered to be a classic psychedelic folk album. After this album Spence largely withdrew from the music industry.

180 grams audiophile vinyl


A1 Little Hands
A2 Cripple Creek
A3 Diana
A4 Margaret-Tiger Rug
A5 Weighted Down (The Prison Song)
A6 War In Peace

B1 Broken Heart
B2 All Come To Meet Her
B3 Books Of Moses
B4 Dixie Peach Promenade
B5 Lawrence Of Euphoria
B6 Grey/Afro