Slowcoaches: Nothing Gives: Pink Splatter Vinyl
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Nothing Gives: Pink Splatter Vinyl



  • Release Date 03 March 2017
  • Dispatched within 5 days
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Vinyl LP
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Recorded in two frenetic days at London DIY scene hotbed Sound Savers in Homerton – "the cheapest place in London!" beams guitarist Matt Dixon - 'Nothing Gives' was then shipped out to Ben Hirschfield in LA to mix. "What we wanted was something that was a progression from that quite lofi sound," explains Heather. "We wanted it poppy and also massive, and I think he's done that really well."

In spite of its fun sound, 'Nothing Gives' itself details all the bad stuff that happens in life: break-ups, breakdowns, a pre-mid life crisis, a drug induced mental illness, falling out with friends, getting way too wrecked, losing your job then desperately trying to find a job… the list goes on. "When I looked at the lyrics for this album all together I thought, 'oh man, this is so bleak!" says frontwoman Heather, who is handily currently studying to become a therapist.

However, for the listener who doesn't quite fancy ending up in a dark pit of despair after listening, the record makes for a surprisingly upbeat collection. "It's bittersweet, isn't it?" shrugs Matt. See, Slowcoaches don't wallow in their misery, they dress it up with huge riffs and full-throttle power pop panache.

1. Living Out
2. Ex Head
3. We’re so Heavy
4. Raw Dealings
5. Drag
6. Thinkers
7. Norms & Values
8. 54
9. Levity
10. Get Ripped
11. Surface Observations
12. Total Block