Nicholas Britell: Moonlight (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Moonlight (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Nicholas Britell

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Nicholas Britell achieved his Academy Award-nominated score by weaving orchestral elements with Southern rap, specifically Houston’s well-documented ‘chopped and screwed’ sound, where records are slowed down and cut to shreds, repurposing the music for alternative listening situations.

In writing the music for ‘Moonlight’ there were two distinct phases of the writing process. Britell would write music that inspired him from the early cuts of the film and his discussions with Jenkins; afterwards, Britell would begin to experiment with ‘chopping and screwing’ his own recordings.

“We didn’t take the hood to the arthouse, took the arthouse to the hood,” said the film’s director Barry Jenks. “Nick’s compositions pulse and rumble, creating a feeling in one’s chest that reminds me of the trunk rattling music of home.”

‘Moonlight’ won a Golden Globe for Best Picture and eight Academy Awards wins and nominations including Best Score and Best Picture.

1 Every N****r Is A Star - Boris Gardiner  
2 Little’s Theme  
3 Ride Home  
4 Vesperae Solennes de Confessore - Laudate Dominum, K. 339 (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)  
5 The Middle Of The World  
6 The Spot  
7 Interlude  
8 Chiron’s Theme  
9 MetroRail Closing  
10 Chiron’s Theme Chopped and Screwed (Knock Down Stay Down)  
11 You Don’t Even Know  
12 Don’t Look At Me  
13 Cell Therapy - Goodie Mob  
14 Atlanta Ain’t But So Big  
15 Sweet Dreams  
16 Chef's Special  
17 Hello Stranger - Barbara Lewis  
18 Black’s Theme  
19 Who Is You?  
20 End Credits Suite  
21 The Culmination  

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