Various Artists: Kenya Special: Volume Two

Kenya Special: Volume Two

Various Artists

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  • Release Date 07 October 2016
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Kenya Special was one of Soundway Records’ most popular releases and is considered a milestone in East African compilations. Now comes the l Latest release from Soundway's acclaimed African 'Special' compilation series, featuring 20 extremely rare recordings from East Africa, an area barely touched by modern compilations.

Soundway is now proud to present ‘Kenya Special : Volume Two’. This time the team of compilers have gone to even greater lengths to share a small part of what is slowly being accepted as an essential element of East Africa’s cultural heritage: the history of recorded popular music.

The featured songs on Kenya Special : Volume Two bend the rules, break away from existing genres and sometimes experiment with foreign music trends. The approach to musical rediscovery behind Kenya Special : Volume Two has its origins in a youthful movement of vinyl collecting as well as, to some extent, club culture.

1. The Lulus Band - I Can Feel It
2. The Bahari Boys - Simba Yuna Nguruma
3. Kamaru Celina Band - Mukurara Nake
4. Orch Conga Internationale - Nakupenda Sana
5. Rift Valley Brothers - Mucang’ang’o Ugiraga Mukindirio
6. L’Orch Central International - Jane Jaber
7. Eagles Lupopo 77 - Mrembo Pesa
8. Afro 70 - Libondela
9. Lulus Band - Daina
10. Orchestre Todi Nationale - Misumba
11. Peter J Tsotsi & The Eagles Lupopo - Fanya Imani
12. Kilwa Jazz - Shirikisho
13. Orch Simba Wanyika - Nakupenda
14. Afro 70 - Nina
15. Sammy Katana - Vilole (maisha ya mjini)
16. African Vibration - Hinde
17. Mac & Party - Harambe
18. Orchestre Mangelepa - Nseya
19. Awengele – Awengele
20. Hafusa Abasi & The Yahoos - Ewe Mola