Escape-ism : Introduction to Escape-ism White Vinyl

Introduction to Escape-ism White Vinyl


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  • Release Date 10 November 2017
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White vinyl LP is for Cargo Collective stores only Introduction to Escape-ism by Escape-ism isn’t a typical record. Oh, sure, it looks like one, with a label in the center and mysterious grooves etched on a sleek, black disc that glints in the light with a perverse air of knowing treachery. And sure, when a diamond needle is dragged through said groove, it shrieks and sputters with the familiar range of “rock ’n’ roll” sound effects: low-frequency bass, high-end hi-hat stutters, and a middlebrow voice that gasps and cries for love, justice, redemption, insurrection, everything.

Introduction to Escapeism is a bite into a one-banana bunch. A drum box, a guitar, a cassette player, and a single slobbering, sinful voice singing out… for a way out. Live, it’s a new paradigm of performance: raw, gestural, idiotic, sublime, revolutionary, poetic, faux naïf, unknowing, a drainage pipe that leads to who knows where.Escape-ism’s Introduction to Escape-ism isn’t just the soundtrack for a late-night drive on a lonely interstate, or a platter played to incite abandon at a pajama party with one’s pals. It’s also a tunnel to tomorrow. It’s a mineshaft to the motherlode.

1 Walking in the Dark  
2 Lonely at the Top  
3 Rome Wasn’t Burnt in a Day  
4 Iron Curtain  
1 Almost No One (Can Have My Love)  
2 They Took the Waves  
3 The Stars Get in the Way  
4 I Don’t Remember You  
5 Crime Wave Rock  

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