ZoZo: International Waters / Gaps In The Border Fence: Signed
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International Waters / Gaps In The Border Fence: Signed

ZoZo, Esper Scout

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  • Release Date 27 May 2016
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7" Single
Come Play With Me

ZoZo - International Waters
Talking about ‘International Waters’, Jack Trotman of ZoZo had this to say: ‘International Waters’ is technically one of our oldest songs. It’s gone through many formations since the band started in my bedroom with Fred and Tom. Back then (2014) ‘The ZoZo Band’ was me on electric drums, Fred on bass and Tom on guitar. The original version of the song was called ‘Learn Origami’ and was written by accident when trying to write a guitar part for another song. We were wearing our influences on our sleeves very clearly…well more like on our backs like a footie shirt. That shirt would read ‘How many Talking Heads songs have we ever ripped off – 99’

Esper Scout - Gaps In The Border Fence
Says Sarah Statham of Esper Scout about the band’s inclusion in the series: ‘We’ve known about Come Play With Me since the announcement of the label’s first release last year. There’s such a sense of community in Leeds and an endearing, connecting underdog spirit, to which in ways we can really relate. CPWM seems to understand this and want to help how they can. That’s something we really respect and have been keen to work with. There’s a refreshing sense of honesty. You know so through what they say and do that their excitement and investment in furthering emerging music is simmering at its core. The concept of seeing potential in a band or person and using experience and enthusiasm to help lever them into what they do next is highly admirable. Positive collaboration and amassing good intentions are symptoms of Leeds about which the city should be proud. Keeping substance and soul at the centre of people motivations for why they play, promote and support music.’

…and of their track:

Our song is rooted in Russia and other countries affected by the Cold War. Inspired by ‘How the Beatles Rocked the Kremlin’, a documentary about the conflict of cultural control during a time of expressive restriction. Specifically the prohibition of Rock and Roll music, which forced music fans to find their own methods of exchanging records. From sneaking 7" flexi-vinyl between coat sleeves, to making guitars out of scrap electronics, which is referenced in the repeating line of Gaps in the Border Fence: ‘pickups made from telephone boxes.’

A. International Waters
A. Gaps In The Border Fence