S. Carey: Hundred Acres

Hundred Acres

S. Carey

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  • Release Date 23 February 2018
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Vinyl LP

More direct than ever, there is a wellspring of confidence in this new batch of songs from S.Carey that lays bare the intricacies of life while keeping its ideas uncomplicated.

By giving equal status to the indifference of nature and the concerns of a material world - while employing more pop-oriented structures instead of the Steve Reich or Talk Talk-ian repetitions of his past work - a new balance is struck that creates something unique.

1 Rose Petals  
2 Hideout  
3 Yellowstone  
4 True North  
5 Emery  
6 Hundred Acres  
7 More I See  
8 Fool’s Gold  
9 Have You Stopped to Notice  
10 Meadow Song  

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