Heaters: Holy Water Pool

Holy Water Pool


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  • Release Date 16 October 2015
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Beyond Beyond Is Beyond

If there's an offer of salvation within "Holy Water Pool", it's the rapid-rush of these 11 songs over 41 minutes, creating an album that consistently offers explosion while also always keeping its fuse lit. Moments of "Holy Water Pool" threaten to turn into a wave pool, given Heaters almost incongruous surf-city leanings. Sonically, this is more than the sum of its parts (& more than the sum of 2nd-hand Ventures records, too) in the way it colors the band's sound, with their relatively defined palette expanding to a depth that's deceptively broad & ultimately breathtaking.

1. Kamikaze
2. Master Splinter
3. Sanctuary Blues
4. Propane
5. Hawaiian Holiday
6. Detonator Eyes
7. Bad Beat
8. Gum Drop
9. Honey
10. Cap Gun
11. Dune Ripper