Various Artists: Happy Place CD & Signed Artcard
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Happy Place CD & Signed Artcard

Various Artists

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Includes an exclusive original illustration artcard, signed by Fearne Cotton.

A message from Fearne: Mental health and music have always been linked. It might not be immediately recognisable but music has the potency and power to help us work through difficult emotions, understand ourselves a little better and release unlocked feelings that have been suppressed.

I have personally always used music to cathartically work through tough patches or to boost me when there is heaviness present.

I really hope this album envelopes you in support as each musician/artist has poured a bit of their own emotion and experience in to each song. Some of the tracks may elevate you and help you move through a low whereas others may offer up solace as lyrics resonate and melodies move you.

I feel incredibly lucky to have worked with such a pool of talent during the making of this album. As a massive music fan it really is a dream come true to work with some of my favourite artists in marrying my passion for music and interest in mental health.

Use this album to soothe you on a stressful day, to meditate with or to listen to intently to work out the story and emotion behind each song.

This album was made with 100% love. Enjoy.


  1. Sometimes it Snows in April - Ludovico Einaudi
  2. Breathe - Emeli Sande
  3. Dead Boys - Sam Fender
  4. Storm in my Head - Rhys Lewis
  5. Bold - Amahla
  6. Love You, Bye. - LARRY PINK THE HUMAN
  7. Chase the Fear Away - Tommy Ashby
  8. Orange Tree - Billie Marten
  9. California Blue - Luke Sital Singh
  10. À la prochaine… - Stephan Moccio
  11. Surrender to be Free - Lissie
  12. Lose my Mind - Geejay
  13. My Mind and Me - Kye Sones
  14. Lockdown Kittens Dancing - Fearne Cotton, GABA, Amelia Warner feat. Helen Mirren