Parcels: Day/Night: Vinyl 2LP Box Set + Signed Art Print

Day/Night: Vinyl 2LP Box Set + Signed Art Print


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Double Vinyl LP
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Day/Night: Vinyl 2LP Box Set
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Day/Night: Signed Print
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2 LP Boxset. 2 vinyl packaged in a clear PVC wallet (displaying each vinyl cover). 2 x : 140 G black vinyl + 3mm spine printed sleeve + printed inner sleeve

Parcels have always been a band of extreme light and shade: they’re from surf hotspot Byron Bay in Australia but they’ve been holed up in grimy nightlife utopia Berlin for years; their sweet-as-honey vocal harmonies rival the Beach Boys but they can also turn their live shows into slamming techno rave-ups. The twentysomethings stand out amid the current musical landscape: a soulful rock band that looks like it’s stepped out of a postcard from 1970s California, all flares, moustaches and shaggy hair. They’re a classic band for atypical times.

The band returns for summer 2021 with an ambitious third studio album, Day/Night, a double record that spans impossibly catchy disco-soul, prog, pastoral folk, Laurel Canyon-era classic songwriting and cinematic strings. Made over the course of 2020, when the world was at a standstill, it’s the sound of a band growing up; five guys who’ve known each other since childhood and are finding their way together, in spite of all the major obstacles the last 18 months have thrown at them, when they were unable to return home to Australia and see their loved ones. Day/Night is huge in scope and sound, and its hopeful messages of perseverance through difficult times are a balm for these uncertain times.

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