David West: Cherry On Willow Limited Edition Coloured Vinyl

Cherry On Willow Limited Edition Coloured Vinyl

David West

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  • Release Date 20 October 2017
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Vinyl LP
Tough Love

Cherry On Willow is DW's audio pop vision for 2017. It differs from the last two DW releases by introducing a more collaborative framework.

Cherry On Willow was recorded quickly and with a 'first thought best thought' philosophy, to capture an old-school pop feeling, with rough edges intact, human movements tracked and uncut. Swiping liberally from various strains of underground pop, glam, rock'n'roll, synth-pop and disco.

1 Morning Rain  
2 Cherry On Willow  
3 Joy  
4 Love Comes On  
5 Time To Forget  
6 Reds For The Blues  
7 Soft  
8 Swan’s Beat  
9 Call Me Sometime