Carla Bruni: Carla Bruni: Vinyl LP + Signed and Numbered Lithograph

Carla Bruni: Vinyl LP + Signed and Numbered Lithograph

Carla Bruni

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Vinyl LP
Carla Bruni unveils her brand new album this fall. The singer had not offered an album of unreleased songs for seven years. An eponymous album, like an absolute signature. Always sensitive, sometimes on edge, the little music of the 13 tracks that compose it - 14 on vinyl and 17 on its collector's edition - affirms a temperament, avoids ostentation. She often attests to a desire for serene simplicity, without showing off or arrogance.

No doubt because the framework of the songs was very much built upstream, even before entering the studio. Guitar, piano, a few foot beats and melodic fragments as the foundations of most of the titles, behind closed doors with Albin de la Simone who produced the entire album. For her very first collaboration with Carla Bruni, the multi-instrumentalist musician - one of the finest on the French scene for twenty years - was keen to dress and stage his new songs, which came like so many little miracles. Mainly written in French, the album features a song in English and another in Italian, a duet performed with actress Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, sister of the singer.

The compositions are by Carla Bruni, Michel Amsellem, Jeremy Reynolds and Calogero. Listening to this new manifesto "Carpe Diem", we can only get a little more of the present. And it is ultimately what disarms in the songs of Carla Bruni: the simplicity of the confidence. Free, friendly and loving, therefore essential.

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