Myd: Born A Loser: Collector's Edition Vinyl 2LP + Signed Poster

Born A Loser: Collector's Edition Vinyl 2LP + Signed Poster


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Double Vinyl LP
Ed Banger Records presents “Born a loser”, MYD’s first album. Featuring Mac de Marco, Juan Wauters & Bakar. 14 songs, Double Vinyl edition. Includes « The Sun », « Together we stand », « Moving Men » & “Born a loser”.

A drunken round of jazzercise, a lazy float in the kiddie pool, your weird uncle gyrating under disco lights. Myd's debut album Born Loser is a soundtrack to life's strange delights. After a decade of experience, the Lille-bred producer perfects his solo sound on this 14-track collection. Indie electro grit meets infectious pop hooks, wrapped in passionate depth. It's a little bit folksy with a French touch soul, all fed through Myd's surreal filter.

Introduced to fans as a member of electronic band Club Cheval, he co-produced Brodinski’s album Bravaand made beats for rappers Theophilus London, Lacrim, SCH and more. Now, he stands on his own, unabashedly showcasing his eccentric flair. “[Born Loser] is weird in its structure,” he says. “There are pop songs, but there are also extreme production choices. Before, I was a bit shy with that. I'm finishing this album really confident. This way is my way, and I'm really happy about it.”

Myd is a homemade anti-hero. Purposefully approachable and painfully relatable, his world is one of hyper-normal, mundane scenes melting into fever dreams. Take a stack of '80s records, spill a Mai Tai across the collection and watch the covers bleed in psychedelic swirls. That's the warbled sheen of Myd's calling card, feeding melodies through cassette recorders and cheap analog gear for a distinctly DIY effect.

Debut solo EP All Inclusive mixed electric guitars and acoustic percussion with computerized beats. Its sunset sounds were tinged with melancholy -what he calls “French romanticism.” The release was signed to Paris’ legendary label Ed Banger, where Myd’s quirky character was welcomed and his talent encouraged. Ed Banger’s loyal fanbase inspired Born Loser’s lead single, “Together We Stand.” It matches a four-to-the-floor electronic kick with a hypnotic synth loop and “hippie chorus” made from his own stacked vocals. The lead’s wall of instruments play the same disco melody, recorded and re-recorded like a heavily-filtered sample.

Completing the album took more than dedication. Myd also took vocal lessons, learning to trust not just his style choices but his own voice. There are only a handful of collaborations, including Uruguayan folk artist Juan Wuaters and Bakar. Likewise, the album’s title track takes its name and spirit from a dizzying and hypnotic loop of Bobby Lee's 1966 song “I Was Born A Loser.”

At times, Born Loser is fun and flirty, other times thoughtful, dreamy and warm with intergalactic fuzz. It's an intimate record dripping with synth-heavy shine, and in its weathered corners and rich textures, lies the autobiography of Myd –at least in this moment. “For me, the album is ending a chapter more than opening a new one,” he says. “I see inspiration like a lung. Sometimes you are inhaling, and you need to take inspiration and wisdom from lots of people. Then you have other times when you need to produce a lot. To create this album, I was by myself creating. I think the next chapter will be working with other people and sharing what I did.”