Adam Green: Aladdin: Signed
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Aladdin: Signed

Adam Green

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  • Release Date 29 April 2016
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Three years in the making, Adam Green is ready to reveal his most fascinating project to date. Aladdin is the shimmering soundtrack to his very own hyper-sensory, poetic and humorously subversive film of the classic Arabian Nights tale, made with a cast of recognised New York musicians, actors and artists.

Soundtracking a modern twist on the traditional tale and starring himself as the title character, Adam Green’s Aladdin is 13 new songs of unbridled and joyous fantasy. It’s the sound escaping from the crevices of Adam’s symbolic imagination where the lamp is a 3-D printer, the princess is a decadent socialite, the planet gets a sex-change and its population prints out an analogue version of the Internet.


1. Fix My Blues
2. God = Humans
3. Nature Of The Clown
4. Aladdin Are You OK?
5. Someone Else's Plan
6. Time Chair
7. Never Lift A Finger
8. TechnoFungal Insect Species
9. Birthday Mambo
10. Chinese Dance Theme
11. Me From Far Away
12. Do Some Blow (With Me)
13. I Only Take Cocaine
14. Phoning In The Blues
15. Trading Our Graves
16. Life In A Videogame
17. No Masterpiece Policy
18. Interested In Music
19. What Is Dying Like?

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Adam Green: Aladdin: Signed
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