Happy Mondays: The Early EPs: Limited Edition Coloured Vinyl Boxset

The Early EPs: Limited Edition Coloured Vinyl Boxset

Happy Mondays

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  • Release Date 25 October 2019
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Vinyl Box Set
London Records

Happy Mondays will collect their initial releases on new compilation 'The Early EPs'.

The new release brings together their opening four EPs, releases that saw them move from Manchester urchins to become one of the country's most feted acts.

The project looks back on the original two-inch tapes held in the Factory/London Records archive, while artwork has been created by original designers Central Station Design.

Out on October 25th, 'The Early EPs' will be available as a 4 x 12” coloured vinyl box set, all remastered from the original tapes - it will contain ‘Forty Five EP’ (1985), ‘Freaky Dancin/The Egg EP’ (1986), ‘Tart Tart EP’ (1987), and ‘24 Hour Party People’ (1987).

24 Hour Party People EP:
1 24 Hour Party People (Remastered)  
2 Yahoo (Remastered)  
3 Wah Wah (Think Tank) (Remastered)  
Forty Five EP:
1 Delightful (Remastered)  
2 This Feeling (Remastered)  
3 Oasis (Remastered)  
Freaky Dancin/The Egg EP:
1 Freaky Dancin' (Live) (Remastered)  
2 The Egg (Mix) (Remastered)  
3 Freaky Dancin'(Remastered)  
Tart Tart EP:
1 Tart Tart (Remastered)  
2 Little Matchstick Owen (Remastered)