Quincy Jones: The Italian Job

The Italian Job

Quincy Jones

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  • Release Date 15 September 2014
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Vinyl LP

The Italian Job was made in 1969 and has been hailed as one of the great British films of all time, Set in Italy it tells the tale of a bunch of bank robber who set out to steal Gold Bullion - it is fondly remembered for it huge car chase featuring Mini's around the city of Turin.

The soundtrack was composed by Michael Jackson producer Quincy Jones and included on days like these and 'getta bloomin move' on which is referred to as the self preservation society which has been used in numerous commercials and is synomous with the film.

This release features up graded art and new notes by Johnny Trunk.

1. On Days Like These
2. Soemthng's Cookin'
3. Hello Mrs Beckerman!
4. Britannia and Mr. Bridger - If You Please
5. Trouble for Charlie
6. On Days Like These
7. Its Caper Time
8. Meanwhile, Back at the Mafia
9. Smell That Gold
10. Greensleeves and all That Jazz
11. On Days Like These
12. Getta Bloomin Move On!