David Newman: Ice Age - Original Motion Picture Score Picture Disc

Ice Age - Original Motion Picture Score Picture Disc

David Newman

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  • Release Date 16 November 2018
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In his 25 year career, David Newman has scored over 100 films, ranging from War of the Roses, Matilda, Bowfinger and Heathers, to the more recent Girls Trip and Tarzan. Newman’s orchestral score served as a perfect foil for the unlikely group of a mammoth, sloth, and tiger traversing the Earth because of the planet’s shifting climate; and a squirrel’s desire for the ever elusive acorn.

  1. Opening Travel Music
  2. Angered Rhinos
  3. Humans/Diego
  4. Tigers Going For Baby
  5. Dodos
  6. Fighting Over The Melons
  7. Walking Through
  8. Baby's Wild Ride
  9. Checking Out The Cave
  10. Running From The Lava
  11. Baby Walks
  12. Tigers Try To Get Baby
  13. Giving Back The Baby