Propellerheads: Decksandrumsandrockandroll 20th anniversary

Decksandrumsandrockandroll 20th anniversary


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  • Release Date 15 June 2018
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Double Vinyl LP
Wall Of Sound

20 years ago Propellerheads released a major record in the history of music. ‘Decksandrumsandrockandroll’ was the only ever album from the band. A record that was to revolutionize dance music.

Stuffed with hit singles ‘Spybreak!’ ‘Bang On!’, ‘Take California’ and the extraordinary ‘History Repeating’ timeless hit with the voice that alone evokes James Bond: Miss Shirley Bassey. As said at the time, the Propellerheads have created something very special. Funky music and a little crazy, it’s music for good and bad times, for those dirty moments when drugs are no longer effective but the party refuses to stop. An effective groove filled with hints of humour and a little kitsch. 20 years later Propellerheads are now back with this reissue. The charm has remained intact and it stands the rest of time.

1 Take California  
2 Echo and Bounce  
3 Velvet Pants  
4 Better?  
5 Oh Yeah?  
6 History Repeating (ft Miss Shirley  
7 Bassey)  
8 Winning Style  
9 Bang On!  
10 A Number of Microphones  
11 On Her Majesty's Secret Service  
12 Biger?  
13 Cominagetcha  
14 Spybreak!  

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Propellerheads: Decksandrumsandrockandroll 20th anniversary
Decksandrumsandrockandroll 20th anniversary
Double CD Album
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