Various Artists: Electronic


Various Artists

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Double Vinyl LP

"Including an amazing 30 tracks, and exclusively on vinyl, ‘Electronic’ salutes the very best in Synth Pop and Dance. Represented are the pioneering 70s classics, through to the explosion of electronic pop in the early 80s and on to an ever-sophisticated blending of different music genres with electronic beats. Early 80s synth romanticism is well represented by The Human League, Japan, Visage, Tears For Fears, Soft Cell, Ultravox and Heaven 17 - with less mainstream classics from OMD, Simple Minds, The Cure, Devo, Martha & The Muffins and The Passions. The track that reshaped dance music forever - ‘I Feel Love’ by Donna Summer - sounds as relevant today as it did in 1977 and is joined by eclectic synth hits from Herbie Hancock, Malcolm McLaren, and The Rock Steady Crew. ‘Electronic’ includes some of the best pure-pop anthems of all time from The Buggles, Kim Wilde, Falco and Giorgio Moroder & Philip Oakey alongside the sophisticated electro-pop of Joe Jackson, Jan Hammer, Yello and Harold Faltermeyer. ‘Electronic’ is an essential album for any music lover’s vinyl collection. DL code included."