Secret Company: The World Lit Up And Filled With Colour: Signed

The World Lit Up And Filled With Colour: Signed

Secret Company

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  • Release Date 10 March 2017
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Electrifying Chelmsford four-piece Secret Company are back with a bang with their debut album ‘The World Lit Up And Filled With Colour’ which is set for release on March 10th.

New single ‘Lightning Parade’ is the perfect tease of what to expect from their debut long player. It opens with a tender approach as Scott Revell’s liquid-like voice takes centre stage and starts the story. It’s not long however until the full band kick in, raising the intensity one notch at a time - something Secret Company do with effortless ease. Ultimately, the chorus on ‘Lightning Parade’ comes crashing in and fills the air with a relentless energy so powerful you’ll be left clutching onto the legs of your seat.

1. Final Wish
2. Saviour
3. Alive
4. Out Of The Blue
5. Lightning Parade
6. Midnight Rush
7. Burning Through The Night
8. Fever Of Love
9. Pretend That You Don't
10. Mercury
11. Holding On
12. Blue Rose