BirdPen: O’ Mighty Vision: Signed

O’ Mighty Vision: Signed


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  • Release Date 26 August 2016
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Double Vinyl LP
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It was just as we’d released our 3rd album ‘In The Company Of Imaginary Friends’ and we had decided to do what we always do which is get right into making a new album whilst one is just being released... At the time of the first session it was the general election in the UK, so everything in the media and press was all about that. This party can do this, that party won’t do that, this politician said this, this one thinks that and so forth, and it got us thinking that it just goes around and around, the promises, the lies, the scandals, the money, the stealing, the war, the secret deals and so on and so on. People have to believe things will change but they don’t really. Things might change slightly for a very short time, but then something else will happen which will bring everybody back down. It’s a bit like trying to take on Godzilla; we’ve no fucking chance really.

We had set up the studio in the New Forest in Hampshire, the sun was shining and we were under the great blue sky surrounded by lush green historic trees with the British birds tweeting their spring songs and, in typical BirdPen doom groove fashion, we were like, “Lets make an album about lies” but musically filled with atmospheric fuzzy energy, and lyrically talking about how we all get screwed over time and time again, the high end stealers and fraudsters, the ridiculousness of politicians with their stupid rehearsed hand gestures begging us to vote for them, the lure of the dark side with power, the fact that we seem to absolutely love a downfall and the continuing desire that we the people can never give up hope!

Everyone has to have hope and believe the good will out. We have to strive for our own O’ Mighty Vision. That’s why we do this.

1. O’ Mighty Vision
2. The Chairman
3. Tookit
4. The Solution Is The Route Of All My Problems
5. Trust
6. Traitors
7. Dance To The End
8. The Underground

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