Alice Boman: Dream On: Signed Limited Edition Yellow Vinyl

Dream On: Signed Limited Edition Yellow Vinyl

Alice Boman

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  • Release Date 17 January 2020
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“It's a powerful feeling when you're in that world and you lose track of time,” says Alice Boman of the deeply hypnotic state she entered when making her mesmerising and long-awaited debut album, Dream On. This transfixed state is one that she also seamlessly plunges her listeners into. Her deeply textural, atmospheric and immersive sounds - coupled with her fragile yet engulfing and ethereal vocals - create something of a vortex that listeners are sucked in by. A world where ambient, dream pop and folk merge into a unique new form.

The profound sense of quietness that can be heard in her music stems from its simple roots. Initially a project that started at home when she was a teenager, the songs she was making were just “sketches.” Yet as soon as other people heard them, it was clear that there was so much more to her talents than simple home tinkering. Two EPs followed, 2013’s Skisser and 2014’s EP II, as did a wave of critical acclaim and an array of TV placements for her music on shows such as Transparent, Wanderlust, and 13 Reasons Why. With her new reach, the Swedish songwriter captivated listeners one-by-one.

1 Wish We Had More Time  
2 Heart On Fire  
3 The More I Cry  
4 Who Knows  
5 Don't Forget About Me  
6 Everybody Hurts  
7 Hold On  
8 It's OK, It's Alright  
9 This Is Where It Ends  
10 Mississippi  

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