Jens Lekman: Life Will See You Now

Life Will See You Now

Jens Lekman

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  • Release Date 17 February 2017
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Jens Lekman describes his new record, ‘Life Will See You Now’, playfully but also honestly, as “a midlife-crisis disco album; it’s an existentialist record, about seeing the consequences of your choices.”

‘Life Will See You Now’ is a typical Lekman album in several ways - sly humour is key to its heartfelt nature, it inverts pop’s writing norm by making songs with sad concerns sound happy and songs with a happy subject sound sad and it plays with notions of identity and the self.

However, as the title suggests, it also represents a significant move forward, as if across a threshold. It’s the more expansive, upbeat sound of a revitalised Lekman who is just one of many characters in his new stories about the magic and messiness of different kinds of relationships.

Jens performed sold-out shows in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, London and Stockholm ahead of the album.


  1. To Know Your Mission
  2. Evening Prayer
  3. Hotwire The Ferris Wheel
  4. What’s That Perfume That You Wear?
  5. Our First Fight
  6. Wedding In Finistere
  7. How We Met, The Long Version
  8. How Can I Tell Him
  9. Postcard #17
  10. Dandelion Seed
  11. Two Young Lovers

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Jens Lekman: Life Will See You Now
Jens Lekman
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