Cayucas: Bigfoot



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  • Release Date 29 April 2013
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Vinyl LP
Secretly Canadian

Cayucas’ debut album bears little resemblance to the sound of modern California that’s been so omnipresent over the past few years. Instead, ‘Bigfoot’ possesses flirty rhythmic sensibilities both snappy and sparkling, a rosy, near-tropical warmth, and a loose and conversational feel, positioning you right in the line of Yudin’s wry gaze.

Having moved to Japan for a year to teach, Zach Yudin became inspired by the country’s love of electronic music. He started writing Daft Punk-style material while he was out there, and experimenting with the vinyl sampling that would form a crucial component of Cayucas’ early sound - old rock albums by bands like The Beach Boys, The Tornadoes, and The Animals. Although he has since set aside the synthesizer, this braiding together of proto-pop group classics fed directly into the album.

‘Bigfoot’ was recorded up in the chilly Pacific Northwest - in Oregon, with Secretly’s Richard Swift in charge of production. It’s the result of Swift and Yudin’s symbiotic working relationship, and positivity is one of its brightest qualities, even when recalling missed opportunities - there’s no space for downcast vibes here.


1. Cayucos
2. High School Lover
3. Will “The Thrill”
4. A Summer Thing
5. East Coast Girl
6. Deep Sea
7. Ayawa ‘kya
8. Bigfoot