Public Service Broadcasting: Bright Magic: Gatefold Vinyl LP + Signed 12x12
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Bright Magic: Gatefold Vinyl LP + Signed 12x12" Art Print

Public Service Broadcasting

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Vinyl LP
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Bright Magic: Gatefold Vinyl LP
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Bright Magic: Signed 12x12" Art Print
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CD – LP - gatefold sleeve, 20 page 12” x 12” booklet, download card and black vinyl, + 12x 12" art print signed by Public Service Broadcasting exclusively for recordstore.

London-based trio Public Service Broadcasting have created their own unique brand of art rock (call it History Rock) that dives deep into a historical subjects and creates a compelling body of work around the chosen theme. Bright Magic is named after a collection of short stories by Alfred Doblin. The album is primarily about Berlin as a magnet for creative people and creativity and the city as a canvas or a prism for refracting ideas and spreading them in new and interesting ways. As with all PSB releases there has been thorough research into the subject and a meticulous level of detail. The album was written and recorded entirely at, Hansa Studios in Berlin and the artists resided there for the 6 month duration. Hansa is a world-renowned facility responsible for classic albums by the likes of David Bowie, Iggy Pop and Depeche Mode. The artwork was designed by Berlin artist Torsten Posselt, who has a long relationship with the Erased Tapes label, and has designed art for the likes of Nils Frahm, Olafur Arnalds, Kiasmos and Rival Consoles among others.
Bright Magic: Gatefold Vinyl LP Tracklist
1 Der Sumpf (Sinfonie der Großstadt)  
2 Im Licht  
3 Der Rhythmus der Maschinen  
4 People, Let's Dance  
5 Blue Heaven  
6 Gib mir das Licht  
7 The Visitor  
8 Lichtspiel I: Opus  
9 Lichtspiel II: Schwarz Weiss Grau  
10 Lichtspiel III: Symphonie Diagonale  
11 Ich und die Stadt  

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