Seahawks: Eternal Beams

Eternal Beams


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  • Release Date 01 June 2018
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Ocean Moon

Travel agents for inner journeys Seahawks take us on a voyage ever deeper into the new age vortex.

Their last album ‘Escape Hatch’ described by Vice as a ‘modern masterpiece’ only hinted at the transcendent power of Seahawks music.

Eternal Beams goes ‘further’ to create a whole new harmonial experience.

side one: the listener immersed in a soft storm of tape saturated raindrops and distant thunder…numinous waves of sound cascade to create whirlpools of womb like warmth with gentle pulsations.

side two: enter Laraaji… flocculent flows of golden zither, rich vocal vibrations, dolphin tones in phantasy phase - all coalesce generously, bringing feelings of rebirth and light.

To conclude: a wondrous journey of resonant oscillations, inner exploration, a portal to other dimensions.

1 Sweet Rain  
2 Falling Waters  
3 Golden Ghosts  
4 Eternal Beams  
5 Music For Dolphins  
6 Radiance Gateway  
7 Rest In Peace  
8 Ten Moons  
9 Creation Tones  

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