The Soft Machine: Seven: Transparent Numbered Vinyl

Seven: Transparent Numbered Vinyl

The Soft Machine

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  • Release Date 06 October 2017
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Vinyl LP
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• 180 gram audiophile vinyl
• Gatefold sleeve
• First Pressing Of 1.000 Individually
Numbered Copies On Transparent Vinyl

Seven is the seventh studio album by Soft Machine, released in 1973. Roy Babbington, who had previously contributed to Fourth [MOVLP1601] and Fifth [MOVLP1599] on double bass as a session musician, replaced Hugh Hopper on bass guitar, who left to begin a solo career.

Their unique take on jazz rock was groundbreaking. Seven is a highly diverse album combining minimal, spacey elements and some great instrumental jamming. It was also the last of their studio releases to carry a numbered title.

Side A
1 Nettle Bed  
2 Carol Ann  
3 Day’s Eye  
4 Bone Fire  
5 Tarabos  
6 D.I.S.  
Side B
1 Snodland  
2 Penny Hitch  
3 Block  
4 Down The Road  
5 The German Lesson  
6 The French Lesson