Idlewild: Hope Is Important

Hope Is Important


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  • Release Date 24 November 2017
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Hope is important is Idlewood’s debut album recorded in 1998, the first full length release filled with distortion, Roddy Woomble’s screeching vocals and utter chaos. This transitional album marks the beginnings of boys becoming men. A raw emo-punk album full of energy, laying out the path this band is going to go on in the future.

Side A
1 You’ve Lost Your Way  
2 A Film For The Future  
3 Paint Nothing  
4 When I Argue I See Shapes  
5 4 People Do Good  
6 I’m Happy To Be Here Tonight  
Side B
1 Everyone Says You’re So Fragile  
2 I’m A Message  
3 You Don’t Have The Heart  
4 Close The Door  
5 Safe And Sound  
6 Low Light  

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