Television: Marquee Moon (Deluxe Audio): Blue Vinyl

Marquee Moon (Deluxe Audio): Blue Vinyl


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  • Release Date 05 October 2018
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Double Vinyl LP

Television are pleased to announce ‘Marquee Moon (Deluxe Audio)’. The legendary band Television were part of the ’70s New York City underground rock scene, where they were among the first bands to play the punk rock and new wave venue CBGB. Richard Hell left the band in 1975 before the recording of Marquee Moon to be replaced by Fred Smith.

Marquee Moon was released to widespread critical acclaim in February 1977 and has since been viewed as one of the greatest albums of all time and continues to open eyes to the ways the Verlaine and Lloyd utilised electric guitar creatively within punk rock.

Side A – original album
1 See No Evil  
2 Venus  
3 Friction  
4 Marquee Moon  
Side B – original album
1 Elevation  
2 Guiding Light (Verlaine and Richard Lloyd)  
3 Prove It  
4 Torn Curtain  
Side C: Bonus LP
1 Little Johnny Jewel (Parts 1 & 2)  
2 See No Evil (alternate version)  
3 Friction (alternate version)  
Side D: Bonus LP
1 Marquee Moon (alternate version)  
2 Untitled (instrumental)