Ana Silvera: Oracles


Ana Silvera

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  • Release Date 06 July 2018
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Vinyl LP
Gearbox Records
  • LP pressed on 180gm vinyl.
  • Poignant, dreamlike and beautiful and written following the sudden loss of her mother and brother, ‘Oracles’ was Silvera’s way to transmute her grief into a cathartic work of art.

    The result is a haunting yet life-affirming collection of songs whose lyrics explore loss, love, salvation and the journey towards acceptance, themes that are underscored by beguiling, weaving choral lines, mellifluous Debussian piano melodies, subtly off-kilter percussion and rapturous strings, all unified by Silvera’s dynamic vocal style which evokes the delicate yet theatrical prowess of Kate Bush, combined with what the Arts Desk described as a “Björklike spontaneity.”

    1 Tears Of Oak, Fist Of  
    2 Willow  
    3 Skeleton Song  
    4 When The Heart Is A  
    5 Lonely Hunter  
    6 Circle Of Chalk  
    7 Pearls And Thieves  
    8 I Grew Up In A Small  
    9 Room, Small As A Penny  
    10 Catherine Wheels  

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