Lady & Bird: La Ballade Of Lady & Bird: A Project By Keren Ann Zeidel & Bardi Johannsson

La Ballade Of Lady & Bird: A Project By Keren Ann Zeidel & Bardi Johannsson

Lady & Bird

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  • Release Date 07 June 2010
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La Ballade of Lady & Bird is released on Mute on 7 June 2010, a collaboration of singer/songwriter Keren Ann and Bardi Jóhannsson, lead singer of Icelandic band Bang Gang. The album was recorded at the closing performance for the Reykjavik Artfests festival 2008 and post-produced by Lady & Bird in Iceland.

Keren Ann released her fifth album in 2007, described by The Independent as ''Luminous, swoony, melancholic and moving'', by MOJO as ''captivating'', and by The Word as ''pretty much perfect''. The New York / Paris based songwriter, musician and producer met Bardi Jóhannsson in 2000 and, as Lady & Bird they released their debut in 2003.

Bardi Jóhannsson is an Icelandic composer and producer mostly known for his work with Bang Gang and soundtracks, including music composed for the 1922 movie Haxan.

For La Ballade of Lady & Bird Keren Ann and Bardi Jóhannsson were accompanied, for the first time, by the renowned Iceland Symphony Orchestra, a classical ensemble featuring over 80 musicians and conducted by Daniel Kawka (Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra, Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra, Lille National Orchestra, Warsaw Symphony Orchestra and Liege Philharmonic Orchestra).

The musical programme drew on compositions by Lady & Bird, and on their respective solo work - including Where No Ending Ends (from 2007's album Keren Ann) and Que N'Ai-Je (from 2005's Nolita) - rearranged by Thorvaldur Bjarni Thorvaldsson.

1 Malmo Livs  
2 For You And I  
3 Not Going Anywhere  
4 Sailor And Widow  
5 One More Trip  
6 Ghost From The Past  
7 Where No Endings End  
8 Liberty  
9 The World Is Gray  
10 Inside  
11 Que N'ai-Je  
12 Forward And Reverse  
13 Run In The Morning Sun