Tim Heidecker: Too Dumb For Suicide: Tim Heidecker’s Trump Songs

Too Dumb For Suicide: Tim Heidecker’s Trump Songs

Tim Heidecker

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  • Release Date 20 April 2018
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“Well here it is. About one year in the making, all my Trump songs in one place. Most of these songs were written and recorded quickly, with the blood still boiling from whatever indignity or absurdity had popped up on my newsfeed that day. Certainly, ‘Trump Tower was written in the rotten dawn, days after Trump’s win. Let’s hope I don’t write any more of these, but I probably will."- Tim Heidecker

1 Trump Tower  
2 Imperial Bathroom  
3 Richard Spencer  
4 For Chan  
5 Mar A Lago  
6 Trump’s Private Pilot  
7 MAGA  
8 Wilbur Ross  
9 Cooked Chinese Chicken  
10 Trump Talkin’ Nukes  
11 Sentencing Day  
12 Trump’s Private Pilot (Father John Misty Version)