McDermott’s 2 Hours Vs. Levellers & Oysterband: Besieged: McDermott’s 2 Hours Vs. Levellers & Oysterband

Besieged: McDermott’s 2 Hours Vs. Levellers & Oysterband

McDermott’s 2 Hours Vs. Levellers & Oysterband

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  • Release Date 08 February 2019
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Double CD Album
On The Fiddle

Formed in the mid 1980s, McDermott’s frontman Nick Burbridge’s merging of folk rock with a punk attitude inspired fellow Brightonians the Levellers to start their own band.

Within a few years they repaid the favour, covering his song Dirty Davey – an uplifting, floor stomping tale of death in police custody - on their eponymous 1993 album.

Fast forward twenty five years, Burbridge is signed to the Levellers’ On The Fiddle Recordings label, releasing what he describes as his ‘last’ McDermott’s album ‘Besieged’.

The album features Jeremy Cunningham & Simon Friend from the Levellers, along with Oysterband’s Al Scott and Dil Davies. Cunningham also co-wrote Firebird, and co-produced the album.

When writers wax lyrical about the rugged Celtic beauty that came to fruition with The Pogues and Shane MacGowan, they often seem to suggest that time has stood still and that Irish music had been sitting,waiting, since the mid-sixties ballad boom of The Dubliners et al for something suddenly to connect the urgency of punk with the heart and soul of traditional music. But out in the rough and ready bars of Hamburg and a hundred other German hostelries a band was carving out and whittling its own take on the beauty of Irish folk music; adding fire, vitality and punk-style energy while handling the travails of fights and frolics, women, dark streets and the drink. This was before it was trendy or cool to take Irish folk music and add a rock edge, long before Pogue Mahone turned it all upside down. The band morphed into McDermott’s 2 Hours in 1986 (named after a wonderfully unexpected happening on pirate radio during the Battle Of The Bogside as recalled in Eamonn McCann’s War And An Irish Town) ‘being Irish and in the wrong place and at the wrong time’ - to paraphrase MacGowan In the pubs and clubs of Brighton and London they built a reputation for their incendiary live performances that have become legend. Among their wild and youthful admirers were a gaggle of friends who, a few years down the line, influenced by the spirit, fire and camaraderie of Nick Burbridge and McDermott’s 2 Hours, would strap on guitars and call themselves The Levellers. Those in the know realise that Nick Burbridge has been, and continues to be one of the best songwriters in the Anglo-Irish tradition. He fashions songs that, as well as perfectly capturing the gritty underbelly of the Irish experience in 60s/70s mainland UK, beautifully capture the longing for home and reality of the Troubles with all the evocative magnificence of Beckett or Joyce.

But that was then and this is now.

Besieged is not so much a final curtain as a magnificent encore, serving as the last instalment of a magnificent career. Singer, songwriter, poet, playwright and frontman with folk, rock, roots and punk outfit McDermott’s 2 Hours, Nick Burbridge releases his final album with the band on 8 February. Besieged sees Nick again team up with members of The Levellers (Jeremy Cunningham and Simon Friend), Oysterband (Dil Davies and Al Scott),Ben Paley (son of the late folk music giant Tom Paley), plus Tim Cotterell and friends, for the album’s twelve tracks. Released via The Levellers’ On The Fiddle Recordings, advance orders will also secure a bonus CD, Anticlockwise, featuring a fourteen-track ‘best of’ McDermott’s 2 Hours.

I left in the autumn and settled in Camden, Two in a room with a flute and accordion, Site-work was hard and the foreman a bastard, But we’d rakes in our pocket and hours our own, At the end of a long day we’d wander round Archway, Fit for the tunes and the women as well, When I called home I lied for now I knew why, I always believed I’d bid Erin farewell - ‘Erin Farewell’-McDermott’s 2 Hours

1 Firebird  
2 Erin Farewell  
3 This Child  
4 The Last Mile  
5 Forlorn Hope  
6 All That Fall  
7 The Warrior Monk  
8 Crossed Lines  
9 Besieged  
10 The Damned Man’S Polka  
11 All In Your Name  
12 The Ring  
CD2 – Anticlockwise Best of
1 Dirty Davey  
2 Fox On The Run  
3 Darkness And Sail  
4 World Turned Upside Down  
5 Harry Brewer  
6 Song Of A Brother  
7 Tod The Ranter  
8 Black Sun (In Genoa)  
9 A Fable From Aigge  
10 Molloy  
11 River  
12 Trickster  
13 Erin Farewell  
14 All In Your Name