Jme: Grime MC

Grime MC


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  • Release Date 30 January 2020
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Vinyl LP
Boy Better Know

*Re Press Due Feb 2020*

4 years since Jme's highly acclaimed album 'Integrity>' the innovative Boy Better Know CEO is back with an almighty bang. 'Grime MC' is further proof of why Jme is the leading light in the UK. This is a release like no other.......over half a dozen videos, an exclusive cinema screening tour, a physical only release launch featuring various limited formats and much more.....the rules of a 'release' have just been broken once again. Features on the album include Skepta, Giggs, Wiley, P Money, Big Zuu, Shakka, President T and Merky Ace whilst production comes from the likes of Preditah, Tre Mission, S-X, Blay Vision, Lewi B, Splurt Diablo, Deeco and of course Jme himself.

1 Nang (ft Skepta)  
2 96 Of My Life  
3 You Watch Me  
4 Pricks  
5 Issmad  
6 Badman Walking Through (ft Shakka & P Money)  
7 You Know  
8 Dem Man Are Dead (ft Big Zuu)  
9 This One  
10 Knock Your Block Off (ft Giggs)  
11 How Much  
12 Ding Ding Ding (ft President T)  
13 Change  
14 Yes Men (ft Wiley)  
15 Here  
16 Move On  
17 Live (ft Merky Ace)  
18 Brothers & Sisters