Rotten Hill Gang: Teach Peace: Signed Gold Vinyl

Teach Peace: Signed Gold Vinyl

Rotten Hill Gang

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  • Release Date 27 July 2018
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Vinyl LP
West Born Records

Its Rap and Roll, 2nd Generation.(1st generation was Run DMC, Beastie Boys,LL Cool J).A mash up of styles all under one album..

Trying to explain the immoral wrongs of the world within the world we come from... Re educating our selfs and saying what we believe in our songs.. Hence 'Teach Peace'. Education, housing, healthcare, food banks, racism, corporate greed, tax evasion, climate change, child abuse and religion all need to be addressed properly. Not swept under the carpet to be covered up by the next scandal.. We need moral leaders who are strong and willing to die for they're beliefs.. Not selling their people down the river to the highest bidder!!... We all need to be speaking our minds about whats going on... Peace is the only way for everyone... Peace can be just as prosperous as war.. Even for the corporations..there’s nothing wrong with making money. It’s what you do with it that counts..

It just takes a little bit of time and thought. But greed leads to the inequality of more than 80% of our world.. We need to help people become aware of this.. It's not where we're from, it's where we're at!

1 Party's Ova  
2 If Everybody Had The Chance  
3 If We're Feelin' It We're Stealin' It  
4 Writers Block  
5 Let Me Breathe  
6 Deeper (Feat Hollie Cook)  
7 Uncool In Nice  
8 Fatman Funkin'  
9 A French Letter  
10 Whatever Life Throws At You (you gotta deal with it)  

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Rotten Hill Gang: Teach Peace: Signed
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Teach Peace: Signed
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