Holding Absence: Holding Absence

Holding Absence

Holding Absence

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Following on from a series of critically celebrated singles that saw them develop a passionate, rampant and devoted fan base in the blink of an eye, Holding Absence started work on their debut full length back in February of 2018. Returning to the studio with George Lever who was at the helm of ‘This Is As One’, the band’s split EP with Liverpool’s Loathe, it wouldn’t be completed until August. Off the back of a sudden member change, it was a case of realising that the most beautiful things come from just letting things happen naturally.

With the uncertainty behind them and once again a full line up, completed by now permanent guitarists Scott Carey and Chris Smitheram, bassist James Joseph and drummer Ashley Green, the band are ready to take the scene by the scruff and make everyone feel just as strongly as they feel. Because after all, that’s what this is all about. 2019 is set to be absolutely huge for the band. This is Holding Absence and you better be ready.

Side A
1 Perish  
2 Your Love (Has Ruined My Life)  
3 Like A Shadow  
4 You Are Everything  
5 Marigold  
Side B
1 To Fall Asleep  
2 Monochrome  
3 A Godsend  
4 Last Of The Evening Light  
5 Purge  
6 Wilt  

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Holding Absence: Holding Absence
Holding Absence
Holding Absence
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