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Double Vinyl LP

Shrouded in mystery, the Hermetica are a series of Egyptian-Greek didactic texts, meant to help the willing student better understand the cosmos, divinity and nature. On her debut album for DFA Records, German producer Perel takes the listener into deep space and explains it all. Over the course of nine tracks, she shares a striking amalgamation of house, new wave and kraut motifs that crystallize to form a unique sound.

The early 80’s sounds of a Eurythmics cassette Annegret Fiedler listened to at a young age prove influential on many tracks, where Perel combines her love of dance music with the stark vocal delivery of Annie Lennox.

The album is a focused, sonically adventurous work, where the DJ also happens to play every instrument, write every song and intone words of prophetic wisdom on every track.

Heavyweight black double vinyl with picture sleeves and digital download code.

1 Projekt 3  
2 Pastarella Al Limoncello  
3 Si  
4 Alles  
5 PMS  
6 Signum Viridi  
7 Myalgia  
8 Crocus Vernus  
9 Die Dimension  
10 Die Dimension (Dub Version)  

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Perel: Hermetica
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